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Digital & Hybrid Events

As your trusted team for in-person meeting services, Vicki Johnson & Associates can provide the same high-caliber support and collaboration required for digital or hybrid events. Coordinating a face-to-face event requires significant attention to detail and expertise to ensure everything runs smoothly and meets your attendees’ expectations. Adapting your program to a digital or hybrid event requires the same level of event strategy.

When planning a digital hybrid event, some questions you might consider:

  • Event Design & Engagement Strategy – What are the goals and strategic objectives for the digital event? How can we design the best format or schedule to keep attendees attentive and engaged? How can we build creative enhancements or include novel activities increasing audience participation and fostering interactive engagement or networking for attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors?
  • Stakeholder Assessment – What are the primary objectives for each stakeholder? What aspects do we need to integrate into our event to ensure they achieve measurable ROI? What are the best ways to reflect our organization and integrate branding?
  • Program Format & Content Development – Do we need to reconfigure our program content into different formats to be more conducive for learning? Should sessions be pre-recorded, simulive, or live streamed? Will we include interactive features such as Q&A, polling, or virtual breakout rooms?
  • Platform Selection – With so many options, how do you select the best digital environment for the event? Which features do we need to broadcast content or integrate into our existing technological systems? How can technology be used to create new methods of engagement and interactive networking?
  • Staffing & Resources – Does our organization have enough staff to moderate sessions, draft scripts or session guidelines for keynote speakers, session moderators, or presenters? Who has the skills and availability to monitor sessions and provide technical support if needed or oversee the process to ensure sponsor and exhibitor engagement?
  • Budget Review & Risk Assessment – What should we charge for registration? What are the additional financial and budget considerations when launching a digital event? Will a digital event allow for increased attendance and drive an additional revenue stream?

Whether launching your first digital event or adding a hybrid component, our experienced staff will guide you through the planning process, address these questions, and partner to create a memorable experience and polished event for your participants and principal stakeholders.

How can Vicki Johnson & Associates support your digital and hybrid events? We can serve as a leading resource to provide:  

  • Digital Event Design
  • Budget Development
  • Virtual Platform or Production Sourcing
  • Audio Visual Integration & Production Assistance
  • Sponsorship or Exhibitor Sales & Support
  • Registration Integration
  • Pre and Post Event Communication
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Audio Visual Integration & Production Assistance
  • Speaker Training & Technological Support
  • Session Management & Presentation Capture
  • Post-Event Reporting

Our team has experience working with these digital platforms and more: 

  • 6Connect
  • Aptify
  • Bizzabo
  • Clarity Experiences
  • Cvent
  • Event Rebels
  • FirstHand Productions (partnership with a custom platform)
  • Jublia
  • Pathable
  • SwapCard
  • Zoom Webinar