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These Psychological Concepts Could Help You Plan Your Next Event

Posted:   February 2, 2018

Whether you’re planning a corporate event, medical meeting, or a tradeshow, these psychological concepts can help you attract attendees and contribute to a more successful collaborative event.

Paradox of Choice

While people thrive when they have freedom and autonomy, having too many options can foster indecision. When creating event registration online, try to limit each category to a few, viable options rather than offering every possible option all at once. Remember, having too many options available can sometimes reduce the likelihood that people will choose any of the options.

Anchor Pricing

While it can be tempting to list the standard pricing first, by including any event VIP pricing at the top of the list, you can influence people to associate the standard price as a bargain in comparison. Rather than dissuade fiscally responsible attendees, seeing the money they’re saving by choosing the standard option can convince potential attendees that they are choosing the more conservative, responsible option.

The Reciprocation Rule

We are social creatures, and when we feel as if someone has done us a favor—even one we didn’t ask for—we’re more likely to feel compelled to return a favor for them. This psychological concept can be used in event planning. Next time you need people to register or contribute to an event, be sure to offer them something beforehand, so that they might be more likely to reciprocate.


Meeting and events require collaboration from a large group of diverse people—from speakers to volunteers—and while you may encounter some high-level rejection, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re completely out of luck. If you’re facing rejection or indecision at a request, try requesting something smaller instead, as many people will consider this a concession on the part of the asker and will be more likely to compromise.

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