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Risk Management: The Cyber Security Checklist for Event Professionals

Posted:   September 7, 2017

In the first of our series on Risk Management & The Event Industry, we created a cybersecurity checklist that event planners can implement to increase event security at their association and education conferences, corporate meetings, and non-profit events.

Manage Passwords

This step should be implemented before the event even begins. Make sure your data is protected by using secure and unique passwords, which are stored and protected by one of the many encrypted password management systems available on the web. Enforce strict rules against sharing passwords via e-mail or chat, and limit password access to those who really need it. When it comes time for the event, be sure you have a secure strategy for sharing passwords with those who might need it, and consider changing the password each day of the event.

Anonymize Data

Staff and attendees’ privacy should be of the utmost concern, which is why it is important to anonymize any and all personal data that is collected for business purposes, including registration information . Once the data has served its intended purpose, delete the data to prevent a breach.

Create a Closed Network

If your event venue or hotel has free and open wi-fi, you’re sharing your network with everyone in the building, including people who are not a part of your conference, meeting, or event. Work with venue staff to create a closed system with secure log-ins.

Install All Suggested Updates

Technology is constantly evolving, and while event planners might feel like they are too busy to take the time to install updates on their computers, smartphones, and tablets, letting these updates lapse can weaken your data security. Don’t miss out on increased security by ignoring software updates, which frequently include code to close security loopholes.

Protect Your Smartphone

One of the biggest threats to your company’s data is your smartphone. In addition to keeping your phone’s hardware and software updated, you’ll want to enable a pass lock to prevent people from being able to access your phone if it is lost or stolen.

Install Anti-Virus Software

You should install anti-virus software on your computers, smartphones, and tablets to prevent malicious threats to your data and to avoid future breaches.

Follow these steps to protect your data, and let Vicki Johnson & Associates help you with your meeting & event logistics and temporary event staffing needs. Be sure to follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on company news and event planning information, including our Risk Management & the Event Industry series, which will continue through November.

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