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How to Boost your Conference’s Registration Numbers

Posted:   July 22, 2015

With a multitude of events clamoring for your attendees’ attention, it’s vital to integrate marketing and promotion into one cohesive program. Understanding your primary potential audience and what they’re looking for in an event will help you capture their attention through your marketing and outreach efforts.

With 215 collective years of industry experience, the Vicki Johnson & Associates team has assisted organizations all over the world reach their target audience and improve their registration numbers. Here are three suggestions for getting the most out of your next event registration.

1.   Promote early: Begin marketing the subsequent series as soon as possible. Integrate next year’s conference into the current conference’s program. A cohesive conference narrative will engage attendees and set their minds on the event to come. Encourage attendees to visualize the trajectory of the discussion and make plans accordingly.

2.   Engage target audience: Once you have your attendees looking forward to next year's event, be sure to utilize the powers of social media. Regular updates via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and email will keep your organization top-of-mind throughout the year. For example, posting fun pictures from the event or meeting is a great way to celebrate its success and retain a relationship with attendees.

3.   Incentivize early registration:  Offer promotional discounts on registration fees for early birds. A hefty discount is a great way to push those who still may be on the fence to register. Another plus: having early registration numbers gives you a better idea of how much food, hotel space, etc. you will need for your event.

Boosting your conference registration numbers is a gift that keeps giving, as increased revenue will make even greater features and offerings available in the future.

Working side-by-side with experienced event services organizers like the Vicki Johnson & Associates team can help you to reach more potential guests than ever before. Find out more about all the ways partnering with us can make your next event or meeting your best yet.

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