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Finding, Acquiring & Keeping Event Sponsors

Posted:   June 1, 2017

While there are different steps involved in finding, acquiring, and keeping event sponsors, they’re more connected than you might think. Follow these guidelines to make the most out of your non-profit or corporate event sponsorship at every step of the journey.

How Do I Find Potential Event Sponsors?

Do the Research

When looking for potential non-profit event sponsors, it’s important to thoroughly research your options. Consider companies that match your brand values or participants’ interests, have large advertising budgets, and are hoping to promote growth.

Pay Attention to History

Consider a company’s sponsorship history, which can help determine their openness to sponsorship opportunities and provide insight into their ultimate values and goals as an organization.

How Do I Convince Someone to Sponsor My Non-Profit Event?

Know Your Strengths

Remember, even if your non-profit event’s ultimate goal is to support a good cause, sponsorship is a business transaction. Be as transparent and specific as possible about what your company can offer. This means offering hard data like event registration numbers and your marketing budget, as well as logo visibility, speaking opportunities and product placements.

Make Mutually Beneficial Decisions

Once you’ve researched and approached potential sponsors, start to consider planning options that might entice these organizations at every stage of the process—from site selection through supplier management. If you have a sponsor (or type of sponsor) in mind during the planning stages, you’ll already have accounted for assets you’re bringing to the partnership, which will help during negotiation.

How Do I Convince My Sponsor to Return Next Year?

Be a Good Partner

If you’ve planned your event with your sponsor in mind, the mere success of your event could strongly influence the decision to continue supporting your organization and your upcoming events.

This may seem obvious, but the best way to get an event sponsor to return is by being a good business partner. This means both doing whatever you can to increase their brand visibility and reach their internal goals, as well as keeping communication lines open for creative input and approval.

Present Metrics

Offer your sponsor access to data that can help determine the ROI (Return on Investment). If you can present the tangible and intangible benefits through marketing impressions, engagement, survey feedback and other metrics, you can prove your value, which makes the decision to extend the sponsorship even easier.

Show Your Appreciation

Showing your appreciation means more than thanking your sponsors during public speeches and press events. Offer to give private tours, place stewardship ads in a trade publication related to their industry, and invite them to enjoy VIP status at the event.

Hiring an event professional can help streamline this process. At Vicki Johnson & Associates, not only do we have experience in sponsorship sales, we also have relationships with companies who have sponsored our events in the past. Let us help with your next event, and be sure to follow us on LinkedIn for event planning news and tips.

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