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Event Planning: How to Attract Corporate Sponsorships

Posted:   January 2, 2018

If you’re wondering how to attract corporate sponsorships for your next event, meeting, or conference, you’ve come to the right place. It’s important to find a way to effectively sell the benefits of your event in a concrete way so that your sponsor knows exactly what they stand to gain from a partnership. Follow these tips from our event experts at Vicki Johnson & Associates and you’ll find a corporate sponsor in no time:

Develop Sponsorship Packages

While it’s always important to tailor a sponsorship proposal to the specific company you’re targeting, developing broader sponsorship packages can help give you a solid starting point for your negotiations. Always be sure to highlight the value of each sponsorship level. This gives potential sponsors a much better idea of the mutual benefits they can expect.

Prioritize Brand Awareness

Brand awareness can seem intangible; however, by offering your potential sponsors information about your event audience, you can help make it easier for them to say yes to your sponsorship proposal. In addition to describing your audience, be a good partner by doing whatever you can to help increase their brand visibility throughout the entire event, from the planning stages forward.

Share the Event Data

The best way to convince someone to sponsor your event is to present them with the metrics they need to help determine their Return on Investment (ROI). Be sure to include marketing impressions, engagement survey feedback, and any other metrics that might help illustrate the benefits of a partnership.

If you’re looking to attract corporate sponsorships at your next event, contact Vicki Johnson & Associates. Clients who have partnered with us have seen a 27% increase in exhibit & sponsorship sales. You can also learn more about finding, acquiring, and retaining event sponsors on our event management blog.

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