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Don’t Get Too Comfortable: How to Capitalize on Different Learning Styles at Your Event

Posted:   July 13, 2017

If you’re following current trends in the event planning industry, there is no doubt that you’ve encountered the recent obsession with everything “experiential.” From experiential architecture and marketing to full-blown experiential events, professionals in the planning industry are finding ways to offer immersive alternatives to the status quo. Consider these experiential learning ideas when planning your next meeting.

Group Solutions

Some problems are too big to solve in two hours, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Follow up a keynote address about an industry challenge with a small group activity in which each group must come up with the best innovative solution they can agree on in two hours. While they may not all lead to ideas that can be directly implemented, you might be surprised by what your groups can accomplish.


Meditation is all about being present in the moment, and with the busy lifestyles we lead, taking a moment for silence and reflection can help extract creative ideas, questions, and solutions to the defining challenges in your industry. By offering your audience the opportunity to stop and think, you just may help them unlock an answer they didn’t expect.

Hands-On Training

We all know a person who doesn’t understand the rules of the game until they’re already playing, which is why it’s important to offer hands-on training opportunities for experiential learners so that they digest the important information being presented to them. Start thinking about your event as an immersive activity rather than a passive one.


Not everyone flourishes in large settings, so integrate some matchmaking and bring two complementary brains together to share insights and discuss potential collaborations based on what they’ve learned. Make it as informal as possible to take the pressure away and watch the brain sparks fly.

No two attendees are exactly alike, and by creating varied teaching strategies, you can help different types of learners to reach their full potential and get the most out of your event. Partner with Vicki Johnson & Associates for a full range of meeting and event services, including temporary meeting & event staffing. You can also follow us on Twitter for event industry news and helpful planning tips.

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