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Conference Swag: Practical Ideas to Wow Your Attendees

Posted:   November 14, 2016

We don’t often think about conference swag as something that can make or break an event; however, by being creative with your event giveaways, you can benefit your attendees, increase conference engagement, and prevent wasted expenditures on items your attendees will ditch at the airport.

Remember: conferences can be stressful for attendees as they have endured various lengths of travel, are away from their families, and are expected to be socially and intellectually engaged for long periods of time.

At Vicki Johnson & Associates, we’ve found that including items like the ones listed below can help your attendees stay at their best:

  • Health & Well-Being Kits: Because of the travel that’s often included with conferences, attendees can be left without their usual comforts of home. As a corporate event planning strategy, it can be beneficial to give your guests perks and treats throughout their stay to help keep them at ease. Items such as Kleenex, hand sanitizer, mints, eye drops, snacks, and water can assist in keeping your attendees active and engaged for your event.
  • Relaxation Kits: Regardless of the season, attending a conference or event can be overwhelming. Why not show your attendees that you care by offering small comforts and essentials while they’re away from home? Whether it’s express massages, adult coloring books, or essential oils, these creative event favors can help keep your attendees relaxed and engaged.

Maintaining a high conference engagement and keeping your attendees interested in coming back year after year is simple: take care of them! Find creative ways to make them feel comfortable and “at home” so that they will remember your event fondly.

To learn out more about the best corporate event planning practices, other conference swag ideas, and more, contact Vicki Johnson & Associates today!

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