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Experiential Architecture

If you think meetings are only about logistics, think again. When expertly crafted, the experience you create for your attendees supports your business strategy and tells a clear, compelling story based on your vision and brand. 

In and of itself, implementing a plan such as this would be a challenge. Add to the equation how much change the organization has navigated because of a number of factors and you could have an overwhelming task. 

Experiential architecture maps out your meetings and events to advance your mission and vision. 

Study organization

As your partner, we examine what events are working well and how they fit into your strategy. We discuss which functions fall short of expectations, if they can be improved upon, or if they should be set aside for others that may better fit your goals. We determine with you if there are any barriers to growth or success of particular meetings. 

Assess environment

The environment in which you operate includes not only external influences such as economic, new competitors, and a host of other factors, but also your internal resources such as budget and staff. Understanding the environment in which your organization operates, allows us to recommend improvements and options for sustainability and growth.

Create and implement strategy

Based on what we learn about your organization and its environment, we work with you to determine the experience you want to deliver. Your strategy includes profiles of stakeholders and how your organization interacts with them, so you engage them more fully. Depending on our study of your organization and environment, the strategy may include new initiatives that can be launched to increase your bottom line. With an implementation plan that allows you to enjoy a clear road map for the future, you move from decisions to actions. 

We take our services beyond what traditional event planners and offer a new level of strategic consulting for sustainable success.


Association Trade Show

An association client sponsors a meeting every year in a major U.S. city to bring together the suppliers, dealers, end-users and manufacturing entrepreneurs to share valuable education and market solutions. The meeting offers both buyers and sellers educational courses, exhibits, awards, and lectures as well as networking activities to explore issues and solutions that make a sustainable difference in our world.

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