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The Perks of Partnering With a Professional Event Planner

Posted:   May 16, 2017

Even if you aren’t in the event industry, you’ve likely attended dozens of events and conferences—some of which inspire with their creativity and efficacy, and some of which present us with a cautionary tale of miscalculations both large and small. You likely have opinions about failed registration methods and the best ratio of meetings to downtime, and while all this experience will benefit your planning, hiring a professional event planner can amplify your success.

Industry Expertise

While industry expertise is the most obvious perk of partnering with an event professional, it can’t be overemphasized. At Vicki Johnson & Associates, for example, our team has 215 years of cumulative staff industry experience, which means we’ve seen just about everything.

Even within our team, we have a variety of unique specialties, all of which we can easily access throughout the planning process. Because of our belief in a partnership in the truest sense of the word, we collaborate closely with our clients, addressing the opinions they’ve cultivated and offering educated solutions.

Established Relationships

Along with industry expertise, professional event planners have established relationships with industry professionals at every step of the planning process. These existing relationships can prove invaluable, not only when it comes to reduced rates and contract negotiation, but in the understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, and availability of different exhibitors and sponsors.

Money Management

While it seems counterintuitive to many, hiring an event professional can actually save money. Because of their expertise, industry professionals understand where to reduce costs and where to splurge. Additionally, they can save time and manpower by implementing relevant strategies and logistics that have been effective in the past. Their relationships with vendors, hoteliers, caterers and other personnel can also help them leverage better value.


With professional event consultants, you can pick and choose the services that fit your individual needs. While your company might have an in-house marketing department to take care of your event marketing, including advertising strategy, social media management and website management, you might need assistance with supplier management or room block management. Having an event professional on-site can also allow companies to focus on their highest priorities, while leaving the details to the planner.

If you’re considering hiring an event professional, contact Vicki Johnson & Associates today! We’ll help plan an event you’ll never forget, all while saving you time, effort, and money.

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