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Choosing a Venue? Don’t Ignore These Event Trends

Posted:   March 27, 2017

At Vicki Johnson & Associates, we understand the importance of picking the perfect venue for your conference or event. While there are many factors to include in your decision-making process, considering current trends in the event planning industry can be a great entry point.

As you consider the following trends, keep your audience at the forefront of your mind, as they should be the major factor in determining your final decision.

Technology Packages

A projector and a PowerPoint might not cut it anymore. While your event doesn’t necessarily need virtual reality headsets for every attendee, guests are developing higher expectations when it comes to event technology. As this trend continues to grow, many venues are offering upgraded technology packages for your consideration.

If you’re entering the site selection stage of event planning, be sure to pay attention to the types of technology included in each package, as well as any additional charges that you’ll incur. Once you’ve decided on a package, you’ll want to make sure you’re taking advantage of all the technology available to you. If, for example, your package comes with a Smart Board, be sure to incorporate that into your conference experience.

Unusual Venues

As conferences become more experiential in nature, event planners are turning to unusual venues. Whether it’s a downtown distillery, an industrial loft or a functioning dairy farm, these unique venues can inspire creativity and camaraderie by shaking up the traditional structure and challenging guests to see themselves and their work in a different light.

Conversely, these types of experiences can be isolating for people who are more inclined to enjoy the structure and predictability of the typical conference experience.

Flexible Meeting Spaces

Creating a sense of flexibility, ingenuity and enchantment isn’t always dependent on hip and exciting locales. While more conferences are starting to utilize unusual spaces for their conferences and events, that doesn’t mean you’re behind the times if you’re still booking ballrooms and conference centers.

Rather than ditching tradition entirely, focus on making small changes to accommodate different personalities and learning strategies. This could take many forms, from simply springing for more comfortable furniture to setting up conference spaces for alone time, exercise, one-on-one meetings and team-building.

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